What You Need

Strategic Business Development

OutsideIn is committed to helping companies develop their strategic business plan—including target market(s) and/or companies. In addition, we also develop comprehensive implementation strategies through the review of business plans, past performance evaluations and goal assessments.

SWMDBE Program Development and Implementation

OutsideIn creates programs to strengthen your company’s resolve for diversity inclusion and enable engagement with small, minority, disadvantaged and women-owned business enterprises. We help firms achieve increased diversity levels in the areas of contracts, employment and public relations.

SWMDBE Outreach, Event Planning and Implementation Outreach Campaign Planning and Development

OutsideIn is dedicated to educating the public on client programs through the implementation of strategic and proprietary plans, including: message development, training, media engagement, outreach events and the development & distribution of marketing materials.

Community/Civic Meeting Planning and Coordination

OutsideIn effectively executes strategic meetings (including venue, invitees and catering options) guaranteed to reach/cultivate/influence our clients’ target markets.


Small Business Coaching

OutsideIn is proud to offer mentor-like coaching services to our small business clientele. These services include, but are not limited to, working with small businesses in the following areas:

  • Business Modeling
  • Sales
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Access to Finance
  • Leadership
  • Change Management